Two accidents in the last week have been caused by trucks carrying insecure loads, causing police to urge drivers to watch for lost loads and road debris.

Two Lost Load/Debris Incidents On I-5 Cause Traffic Dangers

Posted on Apr 14, 2009

Interstate 5 in Washington has been suffering from more lost load and road debris incidents the past few weeks - and police and safety officials alike hope that the dangerous occurrences are raising awareness about tying loads securing to prevent car accidents and truck crashes.

According to KOMO-TV and the Washington State Patrol, a steel ramp weighing two hundred pounds blocked two lanes of I-5 North on Friday, March 27. The ramp was located on the Ship Canal Bridge at about six-thirty in the morning - after several dozen cars and other vehicles drove over the object. Several vehicles reported damage to their wheels and tires, while one pickup truck suffered a broken fuel tank and vehicle fire. Authorities believe the steel ramp fell off of a semi-truck crossing the bridge.

No one was injured due to the lost load, but road debris has been the cause of serious injury on I-5 in the past.

The day before, a truck carrying steel pipes did not have a secure load, sending a 14-inch steel object through the windshield of a man from Edmonds, Washington. The object shattered the windshield and hit the dashboard mere inches from the shocked driver, though he was not injured. The truck carrying the unsecured load has not been located.

Driving with incorrectly secured or unsecured loads received media and lawmaker attention in 2004 after Maria Federici was blinded by road debris. Traffic citations for wrongly secured loads can cost drivers up to $1,000 and is considered a gross misdemeanor. Drivers who see unsecured loads on the road or road debris should call 911 to report the safety violation.

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