The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has concluded that an escalator maintenance company was responsible for a Bellevue accident.

Washington Investigators: 32 Violations Led to Escalator Accident

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Posted on May 13, 2013

An investigation into a Bellevue escalator accident that injured seven people last winter has revealed that over thirty code violations were involved with the incident and 15 of those violations were likely linked directly to the cause of the accident. 

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries investigated the December incident and released their report this week. According to a press release by Labor and Industries, as well as local news sources, the accident took place when a loose skirt panel caught the moving stairs, jamming the mechanism, and breaking the escalator’s chains. None of the escalator’s three emergency stop systems worked, and the stairs only stopped moving when someone near the incident manually stopped the machine. 

The escalator, which is owned by the Bellevue Square Mall Macy's, was maintained by Schindler Elevator Corporation. The investigation found that the maintenance company failed to conduct an annual safety test in April 2012 and generally did not maintain the escalator to code as it should have. The other three escalators in the area, which were also owned by Macy’s and maintained by Schindler, also suffered from similar code violations. 

Labor and Industries stated that Schindler is responsible for the accident and its consequences—and that it will be held accountable. The statement also read that L&I has already been working with businesses across the state to make certain that escalators and elevators are regularly inspected for potential safety issues. 

It is unclear whether any injury victims from December’s escalator accident will file personal injury lawsuits against the store or the elevator and escalator maintenance company. 

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