Losing a family member suddenly due to wrongful death or accident as a result of a negligence or carelessness of another is a tragic experiance.

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In most wrongful death cases, the estate and certain surviving family members will have a claim for damages.  The estate is typically allowed to claim damages for the decedent's lost earnings, medical expenses, funeral expenses and "pain and suffering" experienced by the decedent before death.  Certain family members may also have individual claims for damages as a result of the decedent's death, including loss of consortium and emotional distress.

A wrongful death is one of the more complex types of cases within the personal injury law and require a thorough knowledge and understanding of Washington's complex wrongful death laws. 

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Want to know if you have a wrongful death claim or what your claim is worth? Do you feel like you need justice for the loss of your loved one?  

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