Were you injured in the recent I-90 pileup? Come learn what you can do to protect your claim rights when dealing with semi truck liabilities.

I-90 Fifteen-Car Pileup Injury Claim Options

Hey there. Andrew Kim—Bellevue car accident and injury attorney—here to talk to you about the recent 15-car pileup that was on I-90 the other day.

Apparently, a semi-truck driver had come to an abrupt stop or was attempting to come to an abrupt stop, and lost control of his truck when he sideswiped another semi, which was full of logs—thereby causing a chain reaction with 13 other passenger vehicles. Subsequent to the initial reports, it now appears that the first truck driver is trying to put the blame on the driver of the logging truck, saying that the logging truck actually sideswiped him, causing the chain reaction.

Now, what do you do if you were one of those unfortunate people involved in this collision? Well, my best advice is to go ahead open up a claim with your own insurance. If you were injured, go ahead an open up your PIP, personal injury protection, claim to pay for your medical bills, any time lost claim, things like that, and go ahead and open up your property damage claim through your collision coverage, which would take care of your car damage claim. The only downside there will be that you’ll be out your deductible, but the upside is that you’ll get your car repaired quicker than waiting for the two insurance companies of the semi trucks to figure it all out.

I would bet that in this sort of case where the two truck drivers are pointing fingers at each other, they’re never going to accept liability. There’s a high probability that you’re going to end up filing a lawsuit against both of those insurance companies. So, if you haven’t already, you might want to talk to an injury attorney and see what your rights are. These cases can be complicated and difficult because you're dealing with commercial policies and semi trucks.

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