If your child is injured because of someone’s negligence, you need to be able to protect his rights. Come see how Attorney Andrew Kim suggests you do just that.

Protecting Your Child After an Accident

Hey there. Andrew Kim—your local personal injury and accident attorney here. The topic today is, “My child has been involved in an accident—what can I do?”

Well, as the parent or legal guardian of that child, you have the right to present the claim against the insurance company for the at-fault party where it involved a car accident, a semi-truck accident, or a dog bite case. Basically, you need to identify the insurance company and open up the claim on behalf of your child.

Now, whether you handle the claim yourself or have an attorney do it for you, once the case is settled it has to go through a court approval process. Any child under the age of 18 needs to go through this process only to protect the interest and settlement of the child.

The way it works is, a settlement guardian ad litem is appointed. A settlement guardian ad litem is an attorney experienced in personal injury cases, and that person will contact the parent and child and review through all the medical records and bills, and then write a report to the court either recommending the settlement amount, or not. There will be a hearing in front of the court, in court, in front of the judge. The judge will ultimately make the decision whether or not the settlement is reasonable.

If it is found to be reasonable, then the child’s portion of the money is put into a blocked account at a bank. Basically it’s there to protect the child and cannot be released until the child turns 18.

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