Like most people, you likely can’t afford to be without a car. So what do you do if yours gets totaled in an accident? Hear what Attorney Andrew Kim advises.

Steps to Fix Car Damage Following an Accident

Hey there. Andrew Kim—your local personal injury and car accident attorney—here to talk to you about, “How do I get my car repaired if I’ve been in a car wreck?”

Well, the first thing you should do is, if the other driver has insurance, is to file a claim with their insurance, and have one of their appraisers come out and look at your car either at your house or your workplace, or if it’s at a body shop, then at the body shop.

That appraiser will write up the initial amount of the estimate, and that estimate then will be the basis for the repairs at the body shop of your choice. And you do have a choice where you’d like to get your car repaired—the other insurance can’t force you to take it to one of their shops.

The initial estimate may be different from an estimate that you may have gotten beforehand from your body shop, but that shouldn’t be a problem because basically the body shop and the other insurance company will work out an agreed price to repair your car.

Now, while your car is in the shop, you’re entitled to a rental car. The other insurance will pay for your daily rental, and they won’t pay for any additional coverage. For example, if you don’t have collision coverage on your policy, or if you don’t have insurance at all, they won’t pay for that additional coverage—which is typically about ten dollars a day. But if you do have insurance and you have collision coverage than you won’t have to pay for that extra “collision damage waiver” is what it’s called through Enterprise Rent a-Car, for example.

So your car damage claim and your rental vehicle should all be taken care of by the other insurance.

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