Bam! Crash! A driver just plowed straight into your car. Do you call the police or figure it out on your own? Let Andrew Kim guide you to do the right thing.

Pros of Police Involvement Following a Washington Collision

Hey there. Andrew Kim—your local personal injury and car accident attorney—here to talk to you about what should I do if I’m in a car wreck. Should I call the police, or shouldn’t I?

Well, I always recommend that you do call the police, just because that way everything is documented in the report so it doesn’t give the other driver a chance to change his story to his insurance company and make things more difficult than it ought to be.

I often see cases where the drivers decide they don’t want to call the police, for whatever reason, and the other driver says, “You know…I’m totally at fault, I accept full responsibility,” and sure enough once his insurance gets involved we find out that he’s changed his story and is now trying to put the blame on my client.

So, by calling the police, the police can write down the statements of both drivers shortly after the accident, which is going to be more reliable than a statement given a couple days, a few days, even a week after the accident to so-and-so’s insurance company.

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